Version 0.5.2

Bug fixes

  • Separated n_points from n_jobs in BayesSearchCV.

  • Dimensions now support boolean np.arrays.


  • matplotlib is now an optional requirement (install with pip install 'scikit-optimize[plots]')

Version 0.5

High five!

New features

  • Single element dimension definition, which can be used to fix the value of a dimension during optimization.

  • total_iterations property of BayesSearchCV that counts total iterations needed to explore all subspaces.

  • Add iteration event handler for BayesSearchCV, useful for early stopping inside BayesSearchCV search loop.

  • added utils.use_named_args decorator to help with unpacking named dimensions when calling an objective function.

Bug fixes

  • Removed redundant estimator fitting inside BayesSearchCV.

  • Fixed the log10 transform for Real dimensions that would lead to values being out of bounds.