skopt.plots.plot_convergence(*args, **kwargs)[source][source]

Plot one or several convergence traces.

args[i]OptimizeResult, list of OptimizeResult, or tuple

The result(s) for which to plot the convergence trace.

  • if OptimizeResult, then draw the corresponding single trace;

  • if list of OptimizeResult, then draw the corresponding convergence traces in transparency, along with the average convergence trace;

  • if tuple, then args[i][0] should be a string label and args[i][1] an OptimizeResult or a list of OptimizeResult.

axAxes, optional

The matplotlib axes on which to draw the plot, or None to create a new one.

true_minimumfloat, optional

The true minimum value of the function, if known.

yscaleNone or string, optional

The scale for the y-axis.


The matplotlib axes.